Testimonials on Community Outreach Programme

"From this OBS programme, I can see that the whole team is transformed into a more closely-knitted operating force that is able to overcome future challenges in our work at the community. I would like to recommend that all GRLs to attend the Teambuilding Programme at OBS."

- Larry Chua
Bedok CCMC


“Through community outreach programmes, OBS is able to expose public members to Outdoor Adventure; not just us, the enthusiasts. The participants seemed to be enjoying themselves. As a volunteer belayer, I was able to learn from the OBS Instructors’ professionalism and this experience was a very good exposure for me. I would strongly encourage students to try and volunteer in similar activities organised by OBS.”

- Daryl Wong Wen Hao, 19
Republic Polytechnic, Year 2 student
Volunteer Belayer for OBS Family Adventure programme


“I tried so many new things today! It had been an exciting day and I got to work with many of my fellow grassroots leaders from other Residents' Committee. Through the activities, I got to know them better.” (Huy Tiang climbed a 3m tower at OBS, Pulau Ubin during the Teambuilding Programme for Grassroots Organisation)

- Poon Huy Tiang, 72
Grassroots Leader - Chairman
Senior Citizen's Executive Committee (SCEC), Chong Pang Constituency


"We can leverage on the friendships formed at this OBS Programme to help one another back at the RC."

- Too Meng San, 74
Grassroots Leader - Assistant Treasurer
Bishan East Zone 2 RC


“You will never get this kind of experience in other places. OBS is the best place not just to undergo physical challenges. But through overcoming these challenges with a team, we bring back learned values that will help us to gain mileage in our volunteer work. And this actually helps us become better people.”

- Ken Ong Kwee Tiong, PBM,
Grassroots Leader - Chairman
Keat Hong YEC


“We got to experience something that we cannot find elsewhere. I picked up values like trust and communication with others through the activities. I learned that if I have to guide a group in the future, I don’t have to do things alone. I can get help from others in the team too.”

- Dineshkumar s/o Jaya Kumaren,
Hong Kah GRC YEC


“This is the first time I came to OBS and I am impressed with the wide array of activities that one can take part in. I will definitely come back again for future events!”

- Mr Choo Ai Pheng,
Grassroots Leader - Treasurer
Hong Kah North Constituency Sports Club



"It was exciting to see all the youth from different diverse backgrounds attending and sharing a meal together. The instructors were patient and understanding towards the youth and they were ever present to answer their questions. Whether the youths go back to school with a 100% attendance, we will have to wait and see but what they have forged now is a lifetime step towards independent living. Thank you OBS for giving us this opportunity."

- Mr Shasikaran,
Beyond Social Services



Siti Norlilah binte Saini, Amelia Wong, Kenneth Yeo, Alvin Koh
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS)
Probation Service Branch (PSB)
30 Nov - 2 Dec


Wendy Lim & Noor Hanah Binte Ismail
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS)
Rehabilitation Officer - Singapore Girls' Home
2 - 6 Nov 2009

Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA)
Therapy and Educational Assistance for Children in Mainstream Education" (TEACH ME) Services
8 - 10 September 2009

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